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Technical Information

Choosing Your New BLANCO Kitchen Sink

Helping You Choose The Right Kitchen Sink

The sink is the most frequently used appliance in your kitchen. In fact, 60% of the time spent in the kitchen is at the sink.

Rinsing vegetables, slicing and dicing, draining pasta, adding water to recipes, rinsing dishes, washing fine crystal, soaking pots and pans... it all happens at the sink. From food preparation to clean up, your sink is a hard working companion and a visual focal point; sure to be noticed by all who enter your kitchen.

It is important when choosing such a hard working appliance that you decide on a sink that is best suited to your needs and lifestyle. Below are some suggestions that should help you in making the right decision.

There are 3 steps to determining the kitchen sink that is best for you.

1. Counter and cabinet size
2. Function and design options
3. Choice of sink material