Custom Sink Accessories
and Soap Dispensers.

A wide range of custom accessories complement BLANCO stainless steel and SILGRANIT® sinks offering added convenience and style. BLANCO accessories are available for both undermount and drop-in sinks, as well as stainless steel or SILGRANIT® models. BLANCO accessories offer the highest quality in material and workmanship and are customized to fit your sink model.

Cutting Boards
BLANCO custom cutting boards offer a superior cutting surface. A range of premium materials are available including sleek glass boards (made of safety glass) and premium wood boards.
Soap Dispensers
Several styles and finishes of soap dispensers are available to match BLANCO faucets. These can be used to dispense liquid dishwashing or hand soap, or even hand lotions.
Stainless Steel Bottom Grids
Custom-fitted stainless steel bottom grids offer protection for your sink from dishes and utensils. An opening in the grid allows easy access to the drain. Stainless steel grids can be washed in the dishwasher. These heat-resistant grids can also be used on countertops.
Stainless Steel Crockery Baskets
Crockery baskets fit right into the sink to hold dishes and glasses for draining. Their sectional design allows the inside dish rack to be removed creating a basket with a large flat bottom, which can then be used to carry, wash and drain vegetables.
Colanders and Drain Trays
A variety of stainless steel colanders allow for rinsing and draining pasta or vegetables right in the sink. Portable drain trays extend work surface and provide a hygienic surface for meats and other foods.